Mini Świat Bieżanów: The Best Play Space for Children in Your Neighbourhood

sala zabaw Mini Świat Kraków

Fun Zone

We invite you to our mini town with themed houses, a special zone for the youngest, an illuminated sensory pool and wooden train set. There’s also a special space to build with JollyHeap magnetic blocks!

Birthday Party

Are you looking for a truly unique place that will be for your exclusive use only?


zdjęcie sali urodzinowej Mini Świat
zdjęcie wnętrza Mini Świata


 Deliciouse coffee and tea /Cold pressed juices / Freshley squeezed orange juice / Crispy waffles / Ice cream / Cookies



Mini Świat Bieżanów

Monday  - Friday

  • 1 h -18 zł
  • 2 h -28 zł
  • No limit - 40 zł

Saturday - Sunday

  • 1 h -20 zł
  • 2 h -30 zł

Business Partners

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